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More then just beauty

  • Acupuncture is a medical therapy that has been proved via modern research to both cures and improves a long list of conditions. It has the ability to release biochemical into the muscles, spinal cord, and bain, having an overall effect on the body.

  • When applying very thin acupuncture needles to a strategic point, it triggers strong invigoration stimulants, activates and awakens the body's inborn healing process.
  • This results in restoring the blood flow stimulation, as well as the muscle tissue. It improves overall health by release, what Chinese medicine calls the energy flow of Qi.​
  • The Filosofi behind traditional Chinese medicine is that the body has energy channels, called meridians. If these are not stimulated, then it can course an imbalance and block the flow of energies that regulates the body to restores itself. ​
  • In western medicine, acupuncture is believed to release endorphins, immune system cells, opioids, neurotransmitters, neurohormones, and many other positive chemicals that restore the body.
  • This is believed to be done by the stimulation of the nerve system, which then sends a signal to the body to release the chemicals and then restore our body. ​
  • Acupuncture is generally considered to be safe when done by a trained professional. It is almost painless and has been practiced for thousands of years.
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Reiki Treatment
  • We combine our acupuncture therapy with reflexology.
  • Reflexology has been used as far back as AD1500, its symbols are thought to be recorded on the feet of statues of Buddha.
  • Reflexology is similar to technique to acupressure, however, reflexology concurs different points in the central nervous system, combined with acupuncture it enhances the ability to achieve more targeted and precise results.
  • Its therapeutics methods are known to have a positive effect in the central nervous system, which constantly develops new neural networks to help us learn, recognize patterns, and make decisions, like a copy past computer system that needs to be regularly updated to function at it best.
  • Like acupuncture, reflexology will intertwine the brain with organs, muscles, and hormones, making the nervous system functioning more aligned.
Japanese lifting
Reflexology Therapy 
Cosmetic acupuncture
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